BCC completes building design of public, residential and industrial buildings; which includes modernization, reconstruction and energy efficiency improvements for hospitals, schools, kindergartens, offices, production facilities etc., providing:
• conceptual and detailed design of new buildings and rehabilitation and reconstruction of existing buildings;
• energy efficiency design and supervision for public & residential buildings
• assessment of long-term energy conservation potentials and priorities;

Established in 1993, BCC Architects provides modern architectural design. Each project develops a unique architectural solution that addresses the client’s preferences while responding to specific site conditions and the overall context.

In carrying out its projects, BCC relies on broad experience and knowledge of various building types, construction practices on site, EU requirements and the Bulgarian building regulations and standards.

BCC also provides assistance to the authorities in preparing applications for project funding and tendering of contractors according to the public sector finance and procurement regulations and procedures.

A Detailed presentation of BCC building design is available at http://www.bcc-bg.biz/bg/

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1000 Sofia,
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e-mail: bcc-ms@tea.bg
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